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Ara yoy intererested in buying an electric bike ? We have a wide range of models: folding, city bikes, mountain bike... We offer the entire catalog of Biciclick, vith more than 20 brands and hundred of different models, with brands as Ave, Lapierre, Hercules, Kreidler, Uualk... In eBici.cat you will only find that offer quality and satisfactory after-sales service.
Home delivery. We will delivery your new ebike at home (free service up to 20 km from Girona city. Ask for other destinations).



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--BCN (799€)



--Quipplan Q26 F08. Folding bike high quality with big wheel (26 "): battery 10 Ah integrated in the frame, transmission belt (quiet, clean and non maintenance), change 8-speed integrated wheel Shimano Nexus 8, tires Schalbe Marathon Plus ... Price: 1985 €. More info here


--Legend Monza. Price 1199 €. More information here

--Legend Siena. Price: 1249 €. More information here

--Quipplan Q20 F08 City. A folding quality with Shimano Nexus 8 internal change ( no maintenance ) , fenders , lights and transmission belt ( goodbye grease). 
1.875 euros. More information here
--Goccia Zero. A folding with Shimano Nexus 3 internal change, with excellent finishes and innovative system commisioning. 1099 euros (now, only 999 euros!). More information here


Lapierre Urban 400 (2399€)

Lapierre Urban 300 (1999€)
Lapierre Urban 100 (1399€)
Lapierre Eden Park (3599 ==> 2659€)
--Legend Milano. Price: 1349 €. More information here
--Neomouv Linaria. An attractive model with Sony battery, good finishes and the guarantee of a manufacturer with over 10 years experience in the sector. 1,094 euros. More information here
--Quipplan Q26 F08 City. The new model 2015 of the manufacturer Quipplan , who , as always , is characterized by the excellence and attention to detail : Shimano Nexus 8 internal change , belt drive , only 20 kg , foldable, so you can keep on anywhere . 1855 euros. More information here





Lapierre AM 500i Bosch (4399€)


Lapierre AM 600i Bosch (4999€)


Lapierre AM 700i Bosch (5499€)


Lapierre AM 900i Bosch (5999€)


Lapierre XC 500i Bosch (3999€)


Lapierre XC 300+ (3099€)


Lapierre XC 300+ W woman (3099€)


Lapierre XC 400+ (3599€)


Lapierre XC 500+ (3899€)


Lapierre AM 400+ (3299€)

Lapierre AM 450+ (3799€)


Lapierre AM 500+ (4299€)


Lapierre AM 600+ Carbon (4999€)


Lapierre AM 700+ Carbon (5499€)


Lapierre AM 800+ Carbon (5999€)


Lapierre AM 900+ Carbon (6599€)


Lapierre AM Team Carbon (6999€)


Riese & Müller Delite Mountain (5599€)



Bergamont E-Contrail 6.0 Plus (3999€)




Lapierre HT 500+ (2499€)


Lapierre HT 500+ W woman (2499€)


Lapierre HT 529 (2499€)


Lapierre HT 700+ (2999€)


729 Lapierre HT 729 (2999€)


Legend Etna (1499€)


Urban Biker Dakota (1395€)


Neomouv Cronos (1699€)


Neomouv Cronos Brose (2599€)




Lapierre Cross 400 (2199€)


Lapierre Cross 400 W woman (2199€)


Lapierre Cross 800 (2499€)


Lapierre Cross 800 W woman (2499€)


Lapierre Trekking 600 W 400Wh woman (2499€)


Lapierre Trekking 100 (1595€)


Lapierre Trekking 100W woman (1599€)


Neomouv Montana (1349€)

Neomouv Montana T (1594€)


Neomouv Nova Brose (2229€)



Neomouv Montana Brose (2329€)



The electric tricycle Swing is an interesting vehicle for people of reduced mobility or who in his day did not learn to ride a bike. It has accelerator , is very stable thanks to two baskets mounted , has a high load capacity . Also suitable for commercial distribution or small gardening jobs . From the handlebar can lock the rear axle . Thus, we can choose between cycle as a vehicle able to " bend " corners or do it with the axle .
1195€. More information here

And much more...


Urban Biker Mini

Uualk Sun Premium



Lapierre AM 450+

Bike test, only 600 km. Model 2017. Motor Yamaha, battery 500 Wh. Fork Suntour Aion 150 mm 35mm, RockShox Monarch R 190x51. Tires Maxxis Rekon 2'80. Sram NX 11v. Price new: 3799€. Price: 2750€

Lapierre XC 300

Model 2017. Only  900 km. Motor Yamaha, battery 400 Wh. Fork Suntour XCR 120, RockShox Monarch R, Deore Shadow, 20 speed, wheel 27,5, tires Michelin Wild Rock R2 2'35. Price new 2999€. Price 2200€

Riese & Müller Charger Mixte Touring GT (SOLD)

Top class electric bike. Riese & Müller is a German premium bicycle maker. The Charger Mixed Touring GT model is equipped with change and XT brakes, Suntour Aion fork, suitable for mountain biking, Bosch Performance CX, 500 W battery, impressive 3-inch pneumatic, super-powerful lights, Abus Bordo safety lock. .. The bike is only 130 km. The owner sells it by mistake in the choice of size. Size 47. PVP with lock and rack € 4062. Price € 3125