MTB double suspension


With a double suspension, you can maximize the possibilities of your mount. Our offer includes models for rolling with maximum comfort and safety for tracks and Greenways, up to 180mm, with trail and allmountain enduro models. Our brands are Bulls, Riese & Müller, with a wide range of prices.


Bulls E-Stream Evo AM4 27,5+ (5199€)


Bulls E-Stream Evo AM3 27,5+ (4899€)


Bulls E-Stream Evo TR2 27,5+ (3899€)


Bulls E-Stream Eva TR2 27,5+ woman (3899€)


Bulls E-Core Evo EN Di2 27,5+ (6499€)


Bulls E-Core Evo AM RS Di2 27,5+ (6499€)


Bulls E-Core Evo AM Di2 27,5+ (5399€)


Bulls E-Core Evo TR2 27,5+ (4199€)


Bulls Six50 Evo AM4 (6499€)


Bulls Six50 Evo AM3 (4999€)


Bulls Six50 Evo AM2 (4399€)


Bulls Six50 Evo TR2 (4199€)


Bulls Six50 Evo AM1 (4199€)


Bulls Six50 Evo TR1 (3899€)


Bulls Twenty9 TR1 (3299€)


Bulls Six50 TR1 (3299€)


Bulls Eva Aminga TR3 woman (4999€)


Bulls Aminga Eva TR2 woman (4199€)


Bulls Aminga Eva TR1 woman (3899€)


Bulls Aminga TR1 (3299€)


Legend Etna (1899€)