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We sell Sauvage bikes, a brand specialized in the design and assembly of quality titanium frames
Your dream come true
Get the bike of your liking: enter the Sauvage website and choose your configuration: Shimano or Sram, mechanical or electronic, groupset 2x10, 1x11, 1x12, aluminium or carbon wheels, conventional or dropper seatpost...

laPiste: gravel

From 2640€
Do you like to ride on all roads, on all tracks, on all trails, in the forest, in the mountains, on the plain, freeing yourself from all the restrictions of cycling limited to asphalt or MTB?
laPiste is made for you: an authentic gravel bike that will accompany you on your tripsto the other side of the world or simply on a Sunday outing with friends.

leBaroudeur: gravel, bikepacking

From 3590€
Ultra bikepacking bike with true off-road capabilities. With the possibility of mounting wide tires and a position suitable for spending hours on the pedals.
You can use it on paths and trails, whatever the weather, conditions or distance.
leBaroudeur is made to broaden the horizons. The real tool for all your adventures.

leMonstre: monster gravel

From 3590€
Go back to the origins of mountain biking. leMonstre is the bad boy of gravel bikes.
An unclassifiable bike, neither gravel nor mountain bike.. A commited geometry, a generous behavior in sensations, to go fast, without fear of the type of terrain of the route. Gas!

leRoutard: road, endurance

From 3640€
Do you like to ride on all road, on all tracks and consider longdistance challenges in the mountains, on the plain, freeing yourself from all the restrictions of cycling limited only to asphalt or only to off road?
leRoutard is the asphalt endurance bike that won't frown when riding on gravel tracks.

Titanium SAUVAGE

Sauvage is a brand closely linked to the prestigious Cycles Léon and offers the same standards of quality, comfort and performance. While Léon makes custom bikes, Sauvage was born to reduce manufacturing costs and waiting times without sacrificing the quality of the mother house.
Sauvage bikes are designed to fit most drive groups, seatposts and wheel standards. Reconciling this versatility of assemblies while maintaining high performance frames was the main challenge for those responsible for the project. All this, offering avant-garde geometries.
Currently, Sauvage mass-produces with the purpose of offering short delivery times.
The frames are produced of 3 / 2.5 double buted titanium (0.9 / 0.7 / 0.9) for the main tubes while the crankset is made of 6.4 titanium. The tubes are produce in the United States and the welding work is done in Asia.
The conception of the different models, design and assembly takes place in the Vosges, in a small town in Luxembourg very close to the French border.
The frames have a warranty of 50 years and respond to ISO 4210 security requirements.
The main criterion of the manufacturer is to maintain the best quality / price ratio taking into account all the parameters: handmade wheels, equipment level, titanium frame... All you have to worry about is enjoying the dynamism and faboulous qualities of a titanium frame and its formidable longevity and endurance.


You can order in person at the store or, if you live far from Girona, from home.
If you opt for the second option, we will help you set up your bike. Once chosen, you send us your order and we will send you the pro forma invoice with the approximate delivery date of your bike (*). The pro forma includes the bank details of the account where you have to make the transfer for the total amount of the bike and the delivery to your home.
Once we have the transfer, we will place the order with Sauvage. And once we receive the bike, we will send you final bill.
(*) Please note that we will not place your order from Sauvage until we receive the transfer.
Therefore, the delivery date of the bike may vary if days weeks pass from the moment you receive the pro forma invoice and we have the bank transfer.