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In our e-bike shop you will find a wide range of folding models, mountain, urban and trekking and bikes.

We offer personalized advice for every customer to find the model that best fits your needs and we have specialized in the repair of electric bicycle workshop.

Regularly, we have ebikes with interesting discounts. Consult

Without VAT. Possibility of buying electric bicycles for EU citizens who have a company and have VAT Number (intra-community purchase).



Lluís Pericot, 72 17003-Girona.

You will find us in the center of Girona, 1 km from the Greenway Girona-Sant Feliu.



0034 972093402 and 0034 607800188






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2015-10-20 10:06
"Test this Brompton," my friend Pere Cahué of Probike, a invited me. You mean ?, I replied, skeptical, suspicious that a folding bike with wheels as small as that would be fine. Pere, this is a pijada, I thought to myself. With the nice bikes of you have in your shop and you invite me to try...
2015-10-19 13:25
Saturday we participated in the race transport that organized Mou-te en Bici in the program of activities for the Week of Sustainable and Safe Mobility. And we won! It was to make the trip between Fornells and Girona Cathedral as quickly as possible, respecting, of course, traffic rules. The route...
2015-09-28 19:24
E-bike Festival in Unibike On 17, 18 and September 19 attended the fair Unibike bike in Madrid, intending to know the latest developments in the world of cycling elécrica. One of the conclusions of the visit to the stands of the brands of bicycles and numerous discussions with exhibitors and...
2015-09-15 09:37
More and more electric mountain bikes! The presence of electrical MTB is becoming increasingly common in our mountains. The ebikes are a perfect solution for many mountain bikers regulars with injuries that prevent them from practicing their sport at the pace they wish or who, because of age,...
2015-09-05 12:40
Economics ebikes In eBici.cat we have a wide range of electric bicycles economic less than 1000 euros and all guarantees. With either of them discover all the benefits you can offer an ebike in your daily journeys. And if you want you can finance your electric bike 10 months at 0% interest through...
2015-09-05 12:38
Kits: electrifies your bike Build a kit for your bike Have a bike and you're thinking to mount electrical kit? A eBici.cat two-Biciclick Girona offer conversion kits for yourself you can ride your mountain bike. Converting a conventional electric bicycle is an easy and reversible. Just a little...
2015-09-05 12:36
Confusion when choosing an ebike? Everyone has ever happened, especially on issues that do not dominate. We know the product you want, but just immersed in total confusion when we go on the internet and start comparing brands and technical specifications. A wrong decision to purchase is equivalent...
2015-09-05 12:35
Watts, amps, volts ... What's that? When buying an electric bike is worth paying attention to the technical specifications. To summarize, and broadly watts is the power that enables us to reach a certain speed. The Volt determine acceleration. And the amps, autonomy or amount of kilometers we can...
2015-09-05 12:31
Opening shop-eBici.cat-Biciclick Girona eBici.cat: A personal story The next opens May 9 eBici.cat-Biciclick Girona, a pioneering initiative in the surrounding region. eBici.cat was born in the spring of 2014, driven by Gabriel Pernau. During the past twenty years, its founder has combined the...
2015-09-03 19:19
We said we would try and we succeeded. We have in electric bike which is surely the most historic port of the Tour de France, the Tourmalet. Its height 2115 meters imposed, the truth, and if you come from a long period of relative inactivity, like me. For the record I am not a hunter ports. I...
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