A survey dismantles topics about ebikes

2017-01-31 12:47

A survey dismantles topics about ebikes

The web e-mtb.es has just published an interesting survey among its users that offers us a very real profile and close to the current user of mountain bike electric.

The people who answered the survey were 669, a remarkable sample taking into account the little time that has made popular the mountain ebikes and the short but ascending route of this specialized page.

When users are asked about the main motivation to buy an electric MTB, the results show a trend that stores have already detected a long time ago. The main answer (27%) is because they are more fun. Other reasons given by respondents are "to be able to go on a bike more often" (25%), "to be able to go out with people who are in better shape" (21%) or "for health reasons" (16%).

More minority are the responses "use to train" (4%), "mine is downhill and I hate climbs" (4%) or "because I'm fascinated by everything technological" (3%).

With these results in hand, the topic, widely spread among a large number of cyclists, is dismantled, which says that the electric ones are only for sick people, older people or lazy people. As one who has been on a bike for life tests them, he sees how the range of possibilities that he had up until now extends.

When choosing a model, the brands preferred by the people who participated in the study were Haibike, Specialized, Mondraker, BH, Lapierre and Scott. The engines were overwhelmingly Bosch, followed long distances by Yamaha and Brose.

When users are asked what type of bike their next purchase will be, 42% state that they have a double trail, while 41% opt for a double enduro. The rigid ones remain in a meager 15% and the fatbikes in a very small 2%.

It is worth noting that the users of the web e-mtb.es are regular mountain biking practitioners, so it can be deduced that less expert cyclists are underrepresented and that the preference for trail and enduro bikes is overvalued in the Results of the work.

In the same sense it should be interpreted that 83% prefers the doubles, although the bikes with total suspension are, to this day, clearly the preferred option for cyclists who decide to buy an ebike, as it reveals a look at the catalogs Of the main brands.

What is indisputable is the preponderance in the market of Bosch sets ahead of its competitors. The surprise jumps when users are asked if they have had any major mechanical problems with their ebike. In this case, the German mark is overruled. The Yamaha engine is the one that has the least problems, although followed a short distance by Brose and Bosch.

In any case, it is significant that serious problems only affect between 5 and 8% of the bicycles of people who use these engines and who participated in the survey. In the case of Bafang engines, the problems increase up to 20% and in the engines to the wheel, up to 55%.

At the time of buying their ebike, 55% did so in their usual store, while 35% opted for a shop specializing in electrical such as eBici.cat-Biciclick Girona. And when asked who most influenced their purchasing decision, the answers are the forum itself (29%), its trusted seller (27%), a friend (23%), other specialized websites (16%) or the magazine Which usually buys (5%).

Regarding the model they will buy when they decide to change their bike, 30% think to spend between 3,000 and 4,000 euros, 27% between 4,000 and 5,000, 23% between 2000 and 3000 and 15% more than 5,000. Of course, 46% of respondents who already have an ebike says that will not change model until technological advances justify.

The best rated ebike brand is Mustache. Regarding the profile of the people who participated in the survey, 38% are between 50 and 60 years old and 33% are between 40 and 50. One in five acknowledges that they have de-energized their ebike engine.


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