Bosch 2018 news: integrated battery and more compact motors

2017-06-21 11:16

Bosch 2018 news: integrated battery and more compact motors

The competition in motors and batteries for electric bicycles is increasingly hard and, to face it, Bosch, the leading company in the sector, anticipates some of the 2018 news.

As it could not be otherwise, the German manufacturer launches to improve aspects of their engines and batteries in which Shimano, Brose and even Yamaha had taken the lead: integration of the battery in the box, reduction of the Noise and size of your engines and a minimum resistance to pedaling.

Bosch has announced a new Active Line engine, which is mounted on trekking and bicycles, that if our suspicions are not wrong, anticipate how future motorbikes will be for mountain bikes. The new engine has much smaller dimensions and is lighter than the current ones. It will weigh between 2.9 and 3.2 kg and, as announced by the brand, will be 25% more compact than the ones it had until now. Thanks to its compactness, Bosch says it will be much easier to integrate it into the box

There will be two versions of the less powerful Bosch engine, Active Line, which will be lighter, and the Active Line Plus, which according to the information provided by Bosch, will be for high speed bicycles.

When will the improvements in MTB engines, Performance and Performance CX arrive? Will it be 2018 or will we still have to wait until 2019?

And the other great 2018 will be the introduction of the Power Tube 500 battery. The accumulator is longer and narrower than the current ones, and is designed to fit in the diagonal tube of the frame.

Unlike the batteries that mount the Bulls or BH with the Brose engine, the Specialized Turbo Levo or the Merida and the Focus with the new Shimano engine, that of Bosch will not be completely in the box, it will protrude a few centimeters above the tube . This will be a drawback for riders looking for a bike that does not look at the battery, but on the other hand, many manufacturers can continue to mount Bosch without resorting to too sophisticated designs.

On the other hand, Bosch has developed, in collaboration with Magura, a braking system for wheels for bicycles for trekking and trekking. And from July, an update of the software for Performance CX 2016 and 2017 engines will be operational, which will replace the Sport Assistance mode for the E-Mtb for mountain bike instructors.