Bulls 2019, between the revolution and the continuity

2019-02-20 16:58

Bulls 2019, between the revolution and the continuity

The Bulls 2019 range opts for continuity and revolution. Along with models that remain virtually unchanged in relation to 2018, the Fazua revolution arrives, the small and light motor-battery set that seems to call a new era in the ebikes world.

Bulls will mount Fazua on two mountain bikes (aluminum and carbon) with double suspension and 120mm travel. They are the Wild Flow Evo RS and Wild Flow Evo SL models, which weigh 17.5 and 15.9 kg respectively. These weights will place them between five and seven kilos below the majority of doubles equipped with Bosch, Yamaha or Brose engines.

The German brand also goes into two new market segments for her, that of the road and the gravel ones. The highways will be called Alpine Hawk (carbon, 13.9 kg) and Harrier Evo (aluminum, 16.4) and those of Gravel Grinder Evo Carbon (14.5 kg) and Grinder Evo (aluminum, 16.7 ).

The E-Stream range designates the Bulls equipped with the Brose engine and presents important new features in the higher models. From now on, they will be equipped with the new Brose Mag engine. It is built in magnesium and is half a kilogram lighter than the Brose S, as well as presenting optimized software.

As a complement, the battery of models such as E-Stream Evo AM3 and AM4 goes from 650 to 750Wh, well above that offered by almost the rest of the competition, which is conformed with 500. And in the case of models of Other brands that assemble similar batteries, such as the Specialized Turbo Levo, Bulls offer a significantly more competitive price.

The range equipped with a Shimano engine is practically unchanged, and keeps the flag of the enduro model with 180mm travel, electronic change and up to 750Wh of battery, E-Core Evo EN Di2. And Bosch's models, such as the Six50 Evo AM4 or the Ebikes designed for females, like the Aminga Eva TR2, are kept with few changes.

In addition, Bulls presents a very affordable model equipped with Bosch Performance CX. It's the Copperhead E3, starting at € 2199.

Another novelty is the creation of a new type of electric mountain bike designed for the elderly or with mobility difficulties. Models like the Six50 E1 CX Street have suspensions, changes, brakes and driving position that any other mountain bike, but with the peculiarity that they are bar low. Of course, they are designed for very quiet driving.

And in the range of models of trekking we find the Lacuba Evo Lite 5, with lightweight Brose Mag and 750Wh battery, in addition to the new integrated change Shimano Nexus 5. This is the first change of this type designed specifically for ebikes, which means that it is designed to withstand motor pairs exceeding 50Nm. And it will need it, because the Brose engine pair is 90Nm.