Bulls 2021: carbon frame, Shimano EP8 engine and 750Wh battery

2020-08-26 19:36

Bulls 2021: carbon frame, Shimano EP8 engine and 750Wh battery


The Bulls 2021 range takes a big step forward in quality and variety in its offer. Looking ahead to the upcoming season, there will be many more carbon models, the new 85Nm Shimano EP8 engine paired with a 750Wh battery will be incorporated and there will be models with a 90Nm Panasonic engine.

Bulls Sonic Evo AMS 1 Carbon

The main novelty are the five models equipped with Shimano EP8. The new engine improves even more in size (it was already the smallest) and at the same time experiences a significant increase in torque of 20%, from 70 to 85Nm, the same as the latest version of the Bosch Performance CX.

If we associate this with a 750Wh battery, we have guaranteed fun for many miles.

The Shimano EP8 will in all cases be mounted on panels made entirely of carbon and double suspension, three of all mountain and two of enduro.

Bulls Sonic Evo ENS 2 Carbon


The all mountain range will have its access model (4999 €) in the Bulls Sonic AMS 1 Carbon and, like other ebikes from the German brand, it will have a spectacular black color with golden details. In this way, Bulls celebrates its 25th anniversary.

All Shimano-powered mountain garlic ebikes will be fitted with 29 "wheels and 140mm travel suspension. On top of all this will be the Sonic Evo AMSL Carbon, with RockShox Lyrik Ultimate fork, Shimano XTR gear and brakes and the exclusive seatpost Eight Pins.

As for the enduro models with Shimano, there will be two models, the Sonic Evo ENS 1 Carbon (€ 5799) and the Sonic Evo ENS 2 Carbon (€ 6799), with 150mm of travel on the fork and 160mm on the shock absorber. Both have a moderate enduro geometry, with 65 degrees of fork throw and 74.6 of seat tube, as well as a not exaggerated wheelbase (1223mm in size M). These contained dimensions will make Bulls and Shimano enduro models a preferred option for the goat on our trails. Because unlike other brands, most ebikers will never set foot on a bike park.

Bulls Sonic Evo AM4 Carbon


As for the Bulls all mountain models with Bosch engine, the main novelty is that only the access model, the Sonic Evo AM 1 (€ 4199), will mount an aluminum frame. The other four will be carbon, with prices ranging from € 4499 for the Sonic AM2 Carbon and € 7999 for the Sonic AM-I Carbon.

For us, the most interesting model in the Sonic range is the AM4 Carbon, which for € 5499 will offer RockShox Lyrik fork, XT gearbox and brakes and Kiox display.

Bulls Sonic Evo AM1

The two enduro models with Bosch engine are maintained with slight tweaks. These are the Sonic Evo EN, which have a more aggressive design than the ebikes that equip Shimano engine and will be sold at prices of 5399 and 6399 €.

Bulls Sonic Evo EN2


The ebikes that have been Bulls' flagships in our country in recent years have not undergone much change. We refer to the models equipped with Brose motor and 750Wh battery. The E-Stream Evo AM3 and the E-Stream Evo AM4 will be exactly the same, but the range incorporates two models above: the E-Stream Evo AM5 Rainbow (€ 6699), with 38mm Fox fork and details in the colors of the rainbow, and the E-Stream Evo AM6 (7699 €), which will be equipped with Fox Kashima suspensions.


Bulls E-Stream Evo AM6

Bulls E-Stream Evo AM FIT

And finally we would like to highlight another Bulls all mountain, the E-Stream Evo AM FIT, in this case powered by a 90Nm Panasonic, the new RockShox Zeb fork with 150mm travel, 29 "wheels and three options of battery to choose from: 555, 740 or 925Wh. One more year, Bulls proves that battery size is important.