Confusion when choosing an ebike?

2015-09-05 12:36

Confusion when choosing an ebike?

Everyone has ever happened, especially on issues that do not dominate. We know the product you want, but just immersed in total confusion when we go on the internet and start comparing brands and technical specifications. A wrong decision to purchase is equivalent to losing money and leads us to finish disillusioned with the product.

When buying an electric bike, it is essential to have good advice. On the market there are hundreds of different models, each with its specificities. And most of them accessible with a single click.

We need to take along an expert who offers us the best advice on the type of bike that best fits our needs. To minimize the chances of making a wrong purchase, it is essential to know, first, what use bicycles. The asphalt will be used only to or will also foray tracks? We outputs of more than 40 km? We live in a very hilly?

Secondly, we consider our physical limitations (weigh more than 90 pounds or used to suffer neck pain?), Think about where in the store or if we go up to our floor, if we use at night or on rainy days, if the use for shopping or errands if share with other family members ...

A Girona offer an advisory service customized for you to find electric bike you need. We are members of the chain Biciclick with which you can choose from more than 20 brands and hundreds of models of mountain ride, folding ultraplegables, set, road, trekking and high speed.

We do not sell the bike better: we want you take the best bike for you.