Covid-19 - how to keep my ebike in confinement

2020-04-08 19:38

Covid-19 - how to keep my ebike in confinement

 The long shutdown caused by the Covid-19's confinement at home causes many bike owners to wonder how to keep their bikes, especially when it comes to battery life. We try to answer this question.


Y la respuesta es muy breve. Prácticamente no tenemos que hacer nada. Lo principal es asegurarnos de que la batería no esté descargada. Idealmente, la batería debería estar al 60% de su capacidad para que sufriera el mínimo durante este largo periodo de confinamiento. Si está al 100% tampoco pasa nada.

And the answer is very brief. We have virtually nothing to do. The main thing is to make sure that the battery is not discharged. Ideally, the battery should be at 60% of its capacity so it will suffer the least during this long period of confinement. If you are 100%, nothing happens either.

What would be bad is that it was zero for months or weeks. The cells would suffer and by the day you reloaded them, you would almost certainly have lost their autonomy.

So if you have a weak battery, charge it.

Another issue that many users often ask is whether they should leave the battery on their bikes. No, it is better to remove and store in a dry place, not exposed to the sun and at a temperature of between 15 and 20 degrees.

So if you keep your bicycle in a garage, you should always get home with your battery. Removing it will often help you to notice that the battery housing usually accumulates dust and mud, so you only need to clean it occasionally and spray the contacts with a dielectric spray.

Another point that ebikers with tubeless wheels will have to check is the fluid in their wheels and that they have not lost pressure. It is worth taking advantage of this forced stop to change the fluid in its entirety or to the required level.

And if the wheels have only lost pressure, then it is enough to inflate and rotate the wheels as fast as we can, and tilting the bike on both sides so that the fluid reaches the last corner. of the interior of the covers. This will block any possible fears.

And do not forget to check the SAG of the suspension, because over time the forks and shock absorbers tend to lose air and the suspensions become too soft.

Maintenance and cleaning

A very important task we can do during these weeks that we cannot ride a bicycle is to carry out maintenance and / or replace old components. We always complain that we do not have time; for now we have no excuse. We have plenty of time to do it.

Now is the time to change the chain, the cassette, the brake pads, the tires ... Or to give us a little whim, like putting a more comfortable seat, a carbon handlebar or wider, mounting some more rims. light ...

Do you have questions about how to do it or not find the components you need? Call us at 607800188 and we will help you.

And most of all, take advantage of the confinement to leave your electric bike clean as if you just left the store. Use degreaser, some water and soap and you will see how your ebike recovers a brightness that seemed definitely lost.

Oh, and when it's dry, don't forget to lubricate the transmission, fork bars, cushion and seatpost.

This way, you will enjoy as a child the first day that you can go out on a bike again on your favorite trails.

Health and pedals! Take care and be prepared: the day will come when we can finally leave the house.