Ebike wins the race transport

2015-10-19 13:25

Saturday we participated in the race transport that organized Mou-te en Bici in the program of activities for the Week of Sustainable and Safe Mobility. And we won!

It was to make the trip between Fornells and Girona Cathedral as quickly as possible, respecting, of course, traffic rules. The route was not ideal step because of the existence of an inter-section, which gave a lot of advantage on the bike and car.

However, the urban sections and the possibility of reaching Girona Cathedral by bike (motorcycle and the car had to park) allowed us to catch up to the faster sections and win. Our electric bike (a Benelli trekking) arrived two minutes before the motorcycle, which was ranked second. Later came the bicycles, the car, people were going by train, bus and it went away.

Again, the electric bike has proved to be one of the most efficient forms of transportation that exists for urban travel. The ebikes are faster, quieter and consume minimal energy.