Ebikes Bulls 2020: more engine and more battery

2020-02-07 17:53

Ebikes Bulls 2020: more engine and more battery

The range of ebikes Bulls has a lot of juicy new features for the 2020 season. Continuation of the models with the successful Brose S Mag engine. The most significant change is the addition of a full range equipped with the new Bosch Performance CX engine, as well as new models with an engine with the incredible figure of 110Nm of torque or 1125Wh of battery.


Bulls Sonic Evo AM3 Carbon


Todos los modelos con batería integrada dan la posibilidad de elegir entre 400, 500 o 625Wh. All 2020 models with a fourth-generation Bosch engine are now called Sonic, and offer up to 625Wh batteries. All models with built-in battery give you the choice of 400, 500 or 625Wh.

Within the sub mountain ranges of mountain (AM) and trail (TR) with Bosch engine you can choose between aluminum or carbon frame, with a geometry slightly more aggressive for the latter.

The TR (120mm Suspension Travel) models have 29-inch wheels, while the AMs mount 29 front and 27.5+ rear (150mm). In this way, they benefit from the ease of overcoming large wheel obstacles and the high traction capacity of 27.5 wheels equipped with thick tires.

Likewise, the Sonic range incorporates an oversized telescopic steering and stem, in order to guarantee the maximum rigidity of the whole.

Bulls Sonic Evo AM3 Carbon

Bulls Sonic Evo EN1


The most interesting models from our point of view are the Sonic Evo AM2 and AM3, priced at € 4199 and € 4399, respectively, in both cases equipped with the largest battery.

The highest-end is the Sonic Evo AM6 Carbon, which comes with the Sram XX1 AXS electronic gearbox, Magura MT7 brakes and RockShox Lyric fork (€ 7399).

The Sonic dual suspension range is completed with two new enduro models, with 180mm suspensions and excellent value for money: the Sonic Evo EN1 will go for € 4999 with 625Wh battery, Shimano XT 12-speed brakes and shifters. and Suntour Durolux fork with 36mm rods. The Sonic Evo EN2 will mount a RockShox Lyric fork and XT brakes and brakes and will cost € 5799.

Apart from the doubles, there are also numerous models of Bulls with Bosch motor rigid or specific for women with prices starting from € 2099.

With regard to the Stream range, all 2020 models already come with the fantastic Brose S Mag, for us arguably the best ebike engine that exists at present thanks to its smooth running, the quiet it is, its power. and the way he has to deliver it.

Bulls E-Stream Evo AM4


The stars of the range are the E-Stream Evo AM3 and E-Stream Evo AM4, which this year are offered with a choice of 555Wh or 750Wh batteries. The AM3 goes for a price range of € 5099-5299 and the AM4 for € 5499-5699.

A new thing that Bulls fans will like is that this year the German manufacturer is expanding its range of colors. In addition to the traditional black, the AM3 will also be available in an attractive metallic green color, while the AM4 can be purchased in black, red or a striking lime color.

E-Stream Evo TR models are for those who want less suspension travel. The most balanced is the TR2: Magura MT5 brakes, 12-speed Sram Eagle gearbox and telescopic stem, which can be purchased from € 4399. While the cheapest is the TR1 (starting at $ 3,899), it is cheaper than, say, the Specialized Turbo Levo, for example. that mounts the same motor.

Bulls E-Rush Evo AM1


Buls Adventure Evo AM


For those who want maximum power, Bulls has released two models with dual suspension equipped with the powerful new engine Sachs RS, which offers an incredible figure of 110Nm (Bosch gives 75). These are the E-Rush Evo AM1 and AM2, which have a 650Wh battery and go for € 4499 and € 4999.

And those who seek maximum autonomy with the assurance that they will not be left halfway, in the Adventure Evo AM model will find two Bosch batteries that add up to no more than 1125Wh (€ 6499).

Once again, the prestigious German manufacturer Bulls is back on the market with an extensive catalog of electric bikes for all tastes. If you have any questions, ask us. And remember that there are models that run out very fast, so if you already know what you want, hurry to book yours.