How I wash my e-bike?

2016-06-04 12:40

How I wash my e-bike?

First thing to know. The ebikes not have allergy to water! All components of your electric bicycle are watertight. Battery, motor, connectors, and screen a shower or wash them with a hose.

But beware. An electric bike is like watch. Some are water resistant and others can dive to 100 meters deep. Ie you can do dive with them and the water depth will not malfunction.

Following comparison with a watch, your bike would be water resistant. It is prepared for a rainy day or for a non-pressure hosing. Instead, he is not prepared to wash in the car wash services there at the pump or in the garden house with a Kärcher type compressor. Nor it is ready to plunge across a creek or take over the car for more than 80 hour day falling a good downpour.

Water may enter inside the engine or battery and damage it.

What should I do if water has entered the engine or the battery and the bike stops working? No time to waste! Disassemble the battery and dry it quickly as well as you can, and connectors. In the event that you can access the controller repeats the operation: take water and dry well the connectors.

Then leave the bike in a dry place overnight in a position to allow water drainage.

Above all, do not use hair dryers or other similar source of heat, especially with the battery.

And if the next day the bike still does not work, take it to a specialized service. They will know tell you the most appropriate solution.

So, how do I wash my ebike? The best way is with a bucket of water, soap and a sponge, after removing the battery. And yes, you can do it with a hose, yes, whenever without pressure.

And what is the best way to bring electric bike out of the car? Currently you can find in the market neoprene sleeves to protect motors and batteries from leading manufacturers (Bosch, Yamaha, Brose, Shimano ...). If your bike takes another engine, you yourself can fabricarte a protective performing the same function. And if you're on the road and you have to improvise on the fly, a plastic bag tied also work well.