Kits: electrifies your bicycle

2015-09-05 12:38

Kits: electrifies your bike

Build a kit for your bike

Have a bike and you're thinking to mount electrical kit? A two-Biciclick Girona offer conversion kits for yourself you can ride your mountain bike.

Converting a conventional electric bicycle is an easy and reversible. Just a little handyman. It to you if you assemble and Become tired one day, I have to go back and dismantle all original bike.

The main advantage is that electrify a conventional bicycle parts bike you had, and so you save money, or just buying the brand and model you want, with brakes, suspension and changes that you like to then it could electrify.

In addition, there is the possibility to customize the kit to your liking, for example, putting a battery with greater autonomy (more amps).

A Girona have two kits. The kit includes one motor already mounted on the front wheel 26 "and waterproof connector, controller, digital panel (provides information on the battery charge, speedometer, odometer ...), handles brake disconnection electrical system, accelerator pedal sensor, battery charger and two possibilities: the compact (and 36v 9Ah) and portabidó (36v 10,4Ah and with more autonomy.) The compact battery is mounted on the stem and seat portabidó the space reserved for the drum of water.

Price: € 599 (compact battery) and € 629 (battery portabidó).

The kit is a three-engine 8Fun 250W of power, the main advantage of placing the motor under the bottom bracket axle is centered keeps the weight of the bicycle, which is part of the facility on and off wheels for eg due to a puncture.

The central engine 8Fun is priced at € 655. The battery is mounted in place of portabidó and costs extra € 300 (9 amps) or 345 € (10.4 amps)