Lapierre presents the new ebikes models 2017, with Yamaha engines and Bosch

2016-07-26 12:43

Lapierre presents the new ebikes models 2017, with Yamaha engines and Bosch

Lapierre believes that the electric bicycle is the future and work accordingly. Looking to next season significantly expands its range to 28 models and low ticket price MTB (from € 2,399), which enters directly compete with brands like Haibike or BH.

Perhaps the most spectacular novelty is introducing its range of carbon frames (AM Models 700, 800 and 900+) with prices starting at € 5,299. Lapierre engineers explain the new carbon frames not seek lightness (earn a little less than 1 kg). The commitment to this material as the complexity of the design of the box, thanks to which they have achieved, lowering and moving the battery back, a center of gravity lower and delayed making the extra weight of a ebike is not noticed in its handling, especially in sharp turns.

This model has other interesting features that make the set is probably one of the most desirable electric bikes of the season:

--Dual Wheel System: only invest pin change can equip 27,5+ wheel covers and extra wide, up to 3 inches.

--Sistema Axle extra wide, allowing a more manageable and extra rigidity.

--Amortidor Metric: the body of the damper is longer, thus achieve friction, higher sensitivity and better feeling when driving

--Cassette SRAM EX1, designed specifically for ebikes, allowing optimum passage between crowns and avoiding loss of traction (model AM 900+)

The new range is distributed in the following subgammes:

--MTB. • models will rally, and allmountain enduro, with the possibility of riding Yamaha engine and Bosch HT (Yamaha) 500 700+, 300 XC (Yamaha) 400 + (Yamaha 500 Wh) and 500 (Bosch), AM 400 (Yamaha) 500 + (Bosch), 600 (Bosch), 700 (Bosch) and carbon panels 700, 800 and 900 enduro models SX 600 (Yamaha) and 800 (Bosch)

--Urban. Front engine models 100 and 200 and the 300 and 400 Bosch

--Trekking. Front engine model 100 and Bosch (possibility bar high or low) in the 600 and 800

--Cross. Yamaha Motor and the possibility of bar high or low. Models 400 and 800

--Shaper. Motors and Bosch 400 and 800 models.

--Leisure. Motors and Bosch models Eden Park and Speed ​​(maximum speed of 45 km / h).