Large manufacturers are betting on electric mountain bikes

2015-09-15 09:37

More and more electric mountain bikes!

The presence of electrical MTB is becoming increasingly common in our mountains. The ebikes are a perfect solution for many mountain bikers regulars with injuries that prevent them from practicing their sport at the pace they wish or who, because of age, these bikes are in solution to avoid running off the hook of the group and to keep pedaling many years.

Looking to 2016, numerous brands who bet big on this emerging sector.


Lapierre Overvolt SX 800

Lapierre highlight the range 2016. After a timid start in the world of ebike, the prestigious French manufacturer presents numerous innovations aimed at biker looking for a medium or high power range.

Lapierre enters segments of mountain biking so far reserved to conventional MTB, Enduro models like the Lapierre Overvolt SX 800, Fox suspensions with 170mm of travel, or trails as Overvolt FS 700.

All models Lapierre enjoy hydroformed aluminum frame with a sculptural finishes.

The range incorporates the engine known as Performance Bosch, Bosch CX engines with battery 500Wh in the larger models, to enjoy many kilometers with a torque of 75 Nm. With this engine, Bosch tries to stand up to the impressive engine Yamaha with 80 Nm, Lapierre also equip some models.


Kreidler Vitality Dice 29er Performance

The German manufacturer is aimed at an audience looking more comfortable and affordable bike, but without sacrificing the performance of which is considered the best motor for electric bicycle.

Its range consists of six models, all equipped with Bosch Performance engine and new four mounted battery 500 Wh. The Kreidler offer is divided into two branches: the full suspension respond to the name of Las Vegas, while rigid, dubbed Vitality says, have a model (the Vitality Dice 29er Performance) with an excellent first price of only 2,299 euros.


Ave XH7 FS Fully

Ave is one of those manufacturers with little development in our country but in Germany enjoys a well-earned reputation in the field of electric mountain bikes. His models have some great finishes, fitted quality components and are reputed for their strength.

Ave offers three models with front suspension and three models with full suspension, with a price range of between 2,965 euros of its most affordable model (the XH3 Hardtail) and 5,077 of the sophisticated Ave XH7 FS Fully.


Grace MX2 Trail

In this case, we have a German brand that in addition to urban and sports models, produces a ebike MTB with a unique design and equipped with the legendary Bosch Performance engine, the Grace MX2 Trail. Exclusivity has its price: 3,558 euros.


Benelli Alpan

Unlike other electric bikes we have tried so far, models of historical Italian brand Benelli engine mounted in the rear wheel axle. There is no doubt that the central engine is more practical when we rolled through tracks or mountain trails, but when it involves having to pay twice, many cyclists prefer a hub motor that transmits power directly to the wheel.

And in this market segment, Benelli has no competition. The Benelli Alpan with wheel 27.5 "(or Achle with 29" wheel), is indisputably the queen of the category. For a price of 1,699 euros (or 1,519 at a bargain price model 2015), we will have an electric bicycle equipped with a complete Shimano Deore and other quality components. The Alpan has a transmission with three courses, a luxury that does not enjoy any power equipped with central motor.

Incidentally, in the store still we have a Alpan 2015 for 1,519 euros. The first to arrive was wearing it.

And if you have been to the web will find many other mountain models also we can offer you.