Opening Girona

2015-09-05 12:31

Opening Girona A personal story

The next opens May 9 Girona, a pioneering initiative in the surrounding region. was born in the spring of 2014, driven by Gabriel Pernau. During the past twenty years, its founder has combined the exercise of journalism and publishing a dozen books with his great love, cycling. In 1996 he did a great ride solo for four months pedaling Istanbul to China, experience captured in the book In China cycling (La Campana, 1997 Catalan and Ediciones B, 1998 Spanish). This title was followed by others, such as Cuba All bike (La Campana, 1999 Catalan and Ediciones B, 2000 in Spanish) and Al • For land Allah Brau Catalan editions in 2006 and 2008 as a blog on the website of La Vanguardia in Spanish). Or as guides Barcelona bike (Columna, 2005, reprinted 2015) or 11 routes Scale (Cossetània, 2011).

2014, after a stay abroad for more than a year before the critical situation faced by the industry press, decided to redirect his career toward what until then had been his great hobby. "We had decided to move to Girona, as we live in a neighborhood very steep first I considered to buy a plant. It was a discovery: the bike allowed me to overcome significant drops with minimal effort! Is say, could keep going bike week. "

I had the idea to start a business. "I started investigating and I concluded that ebikes get more people to use bikes in their daily journeys. Because let go further, you get tired less, have more acceleration, with which the rider feels safer and, for me is fundamental in urban travel: no sweat. "

With this conviction, Pernau mounted During the first year, the business has focused on the electric bicycle rental, and since early April has been integrated chain stores and opened ebikes Biciclick own premises in Girona, in the number 28 Passeig d'Olot.

"We start with the whole experience and personal Biciclick assures Pernau- behind, with the idea of ​​becoming a bike shop of reference in power in the province of Girona. We offer the full range of electric bikes there the market, from the most economical for those seeking an effective means of transport and simple to the most sophisticated, for those riders with experience who want to discover the new possibilities offered by an ebike with dual suspension and premium components ".

The founder of is convinced of the benefits of electric bicycles in urban travel. "Going to work does not have to be a heavy burden and boring. Start the day pedaling awakens the spirit, makes you feel more optimistic while we are more in touch with the surroundings and do some exercise. And if on going with electric, you regulate the effort you get sweaty and prevent. This is quality of life. So from the store put our two cents because Girona is a city more livable and that the maximum Girona discover personal wellbeing which is moving every day to pedal stroke. "

This means that no longer will write more? "Not at all! -Black Pernau. I stopped exercising daily journalism, but I can assure you I will continue writing. I can not understand my day to day without writing and without being surrounded by bikes. Both aspects are inseparable parts of my life".

The first electric bicycle shop in Girona

On Saturday, May 9, at 19pm, inaugurated Girona, the first City store specializing in electric bicycles. Girona has a large stock of walk models, folding mountain exhibition and offers its customers the ability to access a wide range Biciclick through the portal, the first chain stores electric bicycles. From this platform, offers a catalog of over 20 brands and hundreds of models of electric bicycles covering the entire range of services offered on the market today (MTB, folding, ride, road, trekking, tricycles, set, high speed ...).

Thanks to the extensive range available, can offer its customers a personalized advice models that best suit your needs.

From its new location, reinforces rental electric bicycles. There centralized rent hotels and lodgings that col • work with, people who want to discover Girona differently, safe and fun to walk or bicycle greenways interested Girona and Olot-Girona-Sant Feliu. not want to be near the customer only at the time of purchase, but aims to "join him" throughout the life of your bike. It provides after-sales service and has a specialized workshop.

A vehicle expansion

The electric bicycle, ebike or assisted pedaling bicycle, cycling race is that, today, experiencing the greatest growth in the European market. Thanks to the assistance provided by its engine of 250 Watts, the cyclist can travel 15 to 20 km with little effort and almost without sweat. For all its advantages, the ebike has become a reasonable alternative and economical (consuming about 20 cents per 100 km) for daily trips in cities like Girona.

The models allow to prolong sports outings and enjoy many more losses, or keep up with a group of cyclists in better shape. Likewise, ebikes give the possibility to continue cycling to people suffering from heart disease or chronic knee injury.

In addition, and unlike other vehicles on our streets today, electric bikes are completely silent and do not emit harmful gases into the environment.

As a socially responsible company, has hired power supply with a company that uses only renewable energy sources (Som Energia).


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