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2016-04-09 10:15
We made a year!
On 6 April first anniversary of the opening of the store eBici.cat. It's been a busy year full of satisfactions. But the greatest satisfaction is seeing the smile of happiness that is drawn on the face of each person when it leaves the store with an ebike.
We are the first shop in Girona specialized in electric bicycles and authorized Brompton dealer in town. We're working to offer a selection of electric mountain bikes, walk or folding of the best brands and the best service.
Thank you all for the confidence!
New Quipplan models
The company has updated its successful Navarre folding models incorporating Panasonic batteries with 20% more capacity and new electronics that provides a smooth and intuitive response.
Quipplan The offer is based on two folding tables and built-in battery inside: the small wheel 20 "and 26 big wheel." From here there are multiple variants of automatic two-speed shift integrated rear hub 8 or 11-speed transmission belt (not carrying the chain is a very clean and quiet), change conventional Shimano XT sensor and engine torque (Allterrain City Plus and Plus), which provides even greater autonomy
In the shop we have a drive wheel 26 "and Shimano Nexus 8 (Q26 F08).
More info here
Lapierre Overvolt FS400
We have in store a mountain bike with dual suspension and engine power Yamaha: Lapierre Overvolt the FS400. It is a double high quality, equipped with the powerful Yamaha engine, offering exceptional torque 75 Nm and autonomy over 100 km.
The FS400 is the most affordable full suspension range electric Lapierre. If you are interested to know the other models, you go to the store to pick up a catalog.
More info here
Electric Fat Bike
Will soon be able to store an electric bike fat. Cycling is an Italian brand which Bottecchia assemble a powerful 500W motor and a battery of 14.5 Ah. Thanks to its huge tires 4 "wide and its power, the machine is suitable for driving on sand or snow. A super fat bike at a very well equipped and very competitive.
Note: more than 250W engines are not allowed to ride on public roads.
eBici.cat the Circuit de Catalonia
The next April 30 and May 1 is celebrated in Circuit of Catalonia cycling BiCircuit weekend. Throughout the weekend, bicycles replaced the roar of racing engines.
eBici.cat BiCircuit be present with a booth in the exhibition area and test bikes. During the festival will offer a 5% discount on all products on display.
In addition, owners can participate in the test Brompton World Championship to be held Saturday at 10h30. Participants must make three laps (14.1 km). I remember that dress code is mandatory: American, shirt and tie.
Registration: https://www.bicircuit.cat/producto/inscripcion-brompton-wc-bicircuit/
And electric fans, March BTT held Saturday at 9 am accepting the participation of ebikes. There will be two special stages, where it is expected to remain in leading positions of power.
Registration: https://www.bicircuit.cat/producto/inscripcion-marxa-btt-bicircuit/
Climb the Angels Brompton
On March 10, Move Bike eBici.cat and we organized the fifth edition of the Angels Rise Brompton. It was a fun experience, which we hope to repeat next year. Some cyclists raised in Los Angeles with their bikes on road see amazing happened!
Olot-Girona trip
On April 17 we exit the Carrilet Olot. Touring bikes along with Catalonia and Catalonia organize an exit Olot-Girona. The offer was very attractive (15 € bus to Olot and breakfast), so we are not places. Now, if you can arrange your own transport, are invited. And if not, Hurry to reserve a place for next year's.
We will continue organizing activities!