Start the most successful Sea Otter

2019-05-31 19:17


Start the most successful Sea Otter

This afternoon opened the doors to Girona the most successful edition of the Sea Otter Europe, the most important cycling festival in Europe after the Eurobike fair, which is celebrated every summer in Germany.

The Sea Otter 2019 can boast some figures that will be envious of most cycling events: 6,000 cyclists will participate in the numerous competitions and marches of all kinds that are held between May 31 and June 2 (rally , enduro, descent, highway, ebikes, gravel, children's races, trial ...); 60,000 square meters of surface; 400 exhibiting brands in about 200 stands; 55,000 visitors; 500 bicycles to try; talks and conferences; presentation of world-wide innovations like the one of the new group XT and SLX of 12 speeds of Shimano; presence of stars of the first international cycling scene ...

The third edition of the cycling fair batches year after year, and we hope it will continue as this is an occasion to announce the possibilities that Girona offers to mountain and road cycling enthusiasts of Catalonia, Spain and South from Europe.

Unlike other fairs, the Bulls brand like the Harrier Evo road model, equipped with the new and lightweight Fazua motor-battery set, can be seen, touched and tested by the Sea Otter Europe, as well as the models of ' Allmountain of the E-Core and E-Stream ranges.

For its part, Riese & Müller presents all of its range, which includes the Nevo, Cruiser, Supercharger (two-seater), Tinker, Supercharger (with 1000 Wh of battery) electric bicycles or the Packster cargo bikes Load

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