The new engine Shimano for e-MTB is here

2016-04-29 12:03

The new engine Shimano for MTB is here

After years of waiting, is here for the expected engine Shimano MTB! Includes sooo interesting developments that are at the height of Bosch, Brose and Yamaha, the best engines of the moment.
And being the world's leading manufacturer of bicycle components has been designed to fit perfectly with the Shimano gears.
The Steps Shimano MTB has 70 Nm, large battery (500Wh) and three options gears, 10, 11 speeds and electronic (Di2), with the possibility of regulating some parameters of the engine via Bluetooth.
Failing to know more details, we could criticize discrete size of the screen, but if you really can have all the information on your mobile, a breakthrough seems. Today, majority of pleople uses smartphones, so screens enormous (and expensives) as Nyon Bosch are a superfluous spending.
The Shimano MTB Steps will be available from October levels in two finishes: XT and Deore.
Do not hesitate, we will soon be riding the bikes from top brands. And besides that, it's great news for the world of ebikes. Means the final bid by a Japanese manufacturer in the world of the bicycle industry in recent years to grow. In heard!