Why buy your ebike at a specialized store?

2019-07-11 17:03

Why buy your ebike at a specialized store?

When buying an electric bicycle, the first question you should ask yourself is where do I buy it? It is a fundamental decision, because in many cases the place where you buy your ebike will depend on the degree of satisfaction you get from it.

The first advice that we can give you is that you do not let yourself be guided only by the price, because in the long run in many cases you will get more expensive. Consequently, avoid buying online.

On the Web, you will probably find offers that the store you have closer can not offer. But the store that you have closer can offer you many other advantages that a web-impersonal, often with the mother house located in another country does not have. We refer to service, personalized attention, make yourself a favor the day you have a problem. Definitely, pamper yourself.

In the store that is closest to you, if necessary, you will have extra hours so that if the wake of an important exit has a breakdown, the next day you have the bike ready. Or maybe they may leave you a replacement.

And if the breakdown is important and a warranty must be processed, they will be on top of the manufacturer. And as they know each other and want them to be happy the establishment, they will be diverted so that the brand resolves the problem as soon as possible.

Buying a conventional bicycle online is becoming more common everyday, but we should think twice about when buying a ebike. Although from specialized stores we always say to customers that an electric one is still a bicycle equipped with an engine and a battery, it is clear that the set is more complex.

It is no longer just the wheels, the suspensions, the transmission, the picture, the direction or the brakes that can be broken. There is a motor-battery-display set that is also subject to the potholes of the road. Who knows the best Bosch or Brose engine of your bike will be the professional mechanic, not your manitas friend. And the only one who will be able to load the latest update of the software will be the store, that if you bought the bike, you're sure to do it for free.

What will happen the day you have a breakdown and have to send the bike you bought online to Alemnia to fix it? In the first place they will tell you to put it in the box where you received it exactly the same as you received it. This involves removing some parts and protecting the frame and components so that they do not get damaged during transportation. And not everyone knows how to do it.

Ok, we have already understood. The best place to buy an ebike is a physical store. And in what store will you know better the performance of your new and innovative ebike? Well, obviously, in a shop specialized in ebikes. They only sell and repair electric bicycles. They know the virtues of each of the brands they market, but also their defects. So the day that there is a problem, they will know how to solve it.

In ebikes specialized stores like eBici.cat we strive every day to be aware of the hassle of news that the brands of engines and batteries do not stop presenting. We are aware that our task is not only to sell electric bicycles, but also to make them continue to work for a long time as when they were new. We like our customers to leave the store with the same smile on the first day. For this reason we attend the training courses that motor manufacturers periodically offer us.