Come see the Lapierre FS400, a full suspension powered by Yamaha

2016-04-14 19:06

Come see the Lapierre FS400, a full suspension powered by Yamaha

We have received in-store a Lapierre FS400. It is a full suspension equipped with the powerful Yamaha engine. Thanks to its imponent torque 75 Nm, is able to climb the more beasts mountains you can imagine.

As a whole range Ebike 2016 Overvolt Lapierre, the FS400 has long suspension travel: a fork RockShox Sektor 140mm, and a damper Monarch.

MTB machines of French manufacturer are clearly aimed at a sporting use, trail, enduro or allmountain.

In addition to the FS400, Lapierre has more ebikes equipped with Yamaha engine: the FS500 and the impressive SX800. The catalog also includes three double with Bosch engine: the FS600, FS700 and FS900 the lead the most powerful engine of the German mark, the CX, while hardtail, the HT700, is by motor driven Bosch Performance. And lest you suffer about running out propulsion average output, the FS700 and FS900 models feature batteries 500Wh.

All models have very competitive prices compared to other brand equivalents as Scott, Trek or BH ebikes. The FS400 costs € 3,299, the same as many rigid you'll find on the market. Remember that Fracciona offers you the chance to finance your purchase at 0% interest. One year, it'll be for only 275 € per month. is the only official distributor of electric bikes Lapierre of Girona.